Always Grateful for my Joy

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The purpose of this book is to share my life experience of hurt, pain, disappointments, failures, and the lessons I learned through it all. These lessons can help provide solutions for individuals who struggle to cope with the challenges they face in relationships across the spectrum of family, employment, school, social and community organizations, church, and the general public by reminding them that their greatest strengths are within themselves and knowing when and how to use their real power is reason to be always grateful.

Hudson Orlanzo Robinson

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My journey from uncertainty and doubts about being successful to a place where values, beliefs, and faith in a higher and more powerful energy source that I believe sustains life awakened me to know more about myself. I choose to call this authoritative source of energy GOD, representing everything the universe offers and making everything available that allows me to choose my destiny. I was enlightened to commit the rest of my life always to do my best, reach within the depths of my inner being, to find a place of JOY that illuminates and sustains my life in the same way the sun brightens the world every day. I desire to help all my readers find out more about themselves and a straightforward path in their life journey as I now have in mine.

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6 reviews for Always Grateful for my Joy

  1. Lanzi (verified owner)

    This was a Great Book!
    Always Grateful for my Joy was a easy read.
    I read it in 1 day, I could not put it down.
    The book was funny ,truthful, and powerful.
    I will take away many lessons from this book.
    It is a must read !

  2. Jeremy R. Duncan (verified owner)

    This is a phenomenal book and a great accomplishment. I am extremely proud of you.

    So many anecdotes and antidotes.

    Keep on going, growing, and glowing. You’re an inspiration to myself and many others.

  3. Kae (verified owner)

    First and foremost I would like to thank you for sharing your story of Gratefulness and Joy with the world in this audiobook. I listened thoroughly and in some parts of your story, I pressed rewind to hear it again.
    I found your book(audiobook) to be very motivating, inspirational, and gave a deeper meaning of Joy and being Joyful.
    It was also nice to learn of your personal beliefs, values and self discovery and taking personal accountability which is definitely useful advice for anyone.

    This was a worthy investment purchase I made. Thank you again for sharing.

    Much Peace, Love, Joy & Prosperity to you


  4. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Your book was inspirational!
    Never knew you were a firefighter at one time.
    Great to read this!

    Thanks and regards,

  5. Esbeth Callender Braithwaite (verified owner)

    I was impressed! really, A project such as this is quite intricate by design and not a lot of people have the valour to delve into this type of undertaking.
    now, I’m impressed and proud! ‘Always grateful for my joy’ provided an alert mechanism for me while reading through, learning the customs that were developed chapter after chapter and taking away invaluable truths. chapter 4 (Connecting with Wisdom) resonates with me deeply… I suppose, whatever/whomever you are connected to has the power to influence our behavior in an immense way. So now I’m impressed, proud and expecting Hudson’s other works of expressions!

  6. Stephanie Q. (verified owner)

    I have been using this book as a guide to go inward and face myself and my fears. Learning about Mr. Robinson’s approach to journaling has helped me start my own journaling and meditative practice using my own guiding themes similar to ‘restoration, revelation and results’ that were presented in the book.

    I am grateful for the messages in this book that invite me to search for the gifts in my own life, to question my fears and ego, and to take responsibility for the role I play. There are many more themes in the book to reflect on (such as acceptance, service, living in the now) and which make this a great guide to go back to at different times of the week/month/year or at different stages in my journey. I look forward to continuously returning to this book throughout my own journey.

    Thank you,

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