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Behavioral Health Counselor

Counseling is your tool for sustainable growth, allowing you to find purposeful ways to move forward and create new pathways with a clearer mindset.


With over 30 years of leadership and many lives transformed from being dependent to becoming successfully independent. These experiences will bring a wealth of knowledge to your seminars, conferences or motivational events. Book an appointment today.


After years of diverse experiences, months of preparation, the long awaited masterpiece by Hudson O. Robinson called “Always Grateful for my Joy is here for you. ” Truly a book that everyone should read, it’s. fantastic!” Get your copies Today.

Behavioral Health Integration

Bring Wellness to Your Home, Community and Organization

Meet Hudson

Hudson O. Robinson enjoys sharing lessons learned from his life experience with Family, Community, Social and Professional networks. His mission is to make significant contributions to people’s lives that move them toward a quality of life filled with Joy, Happiness, and an abundance of Creativity.  He accomplishes this by tapping into his experiences as a Vice President and versatile Senior Information Technology Program Management Expert.

As a Transcendental leader, Hudson transitioned his career from the corporate workspace to become a Licensed Clinical Counselor in New Jersey, providing Behavioral Health therapy for clients with Substance Use Disorders as Clinical Director / Clinical Supervisor and Program Director of multiple healthcare facilities and in private practice. 

Hudson received degrees in Accounting Management Systems and Information Technology Management Systems, which gave him the foundation to be an influential leader for over 25 years of service in several financial industry organizations. He graduated with honors from Purdue Global University with a Masters in Science in Psychology emphasizing Addiction Counseling which gives him the freedom to transition into another phase of his life; being of service to others.

As an author, the biggest lesson Hudson wants to share with his readers and audience is that everyone should listen with depth and breadth to anyone who takes the time to speak to you. 

Hudson plans to reach out and touch individuals’ lives through projects designed and developed by SugarWorld Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 charity organization, including My Breakthrough Wellness Center’s services. Hudson will share his life experience of overcoming undesirable life situations and unnecessary challenges to become an advocate for complete Wellness. 

The long-awaited book “Always Grateful For My Joy” is available. Purchase your copy today.

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My journey from uncertainty and doubts about being successful to a place where values, beliefs, and faith in a higher and more powerful energy source that I believe sustains life awakened me to know more about myself. I choose to call this authoritative source of energy GOD, representing everything the universe offers and making everything available that allows me to choose my destiny. I was enlightened to commit the rest of my life always to do my best, reach within the depths of my inner being, to find a place of JOY that illuminates and sustains my life in the same way the sun brightens the world every day. I desire to help all my readers find out more about themselves and a straightforward path in their life journey as I now have in mine.